Mesotherapy Eliminates Cellulite

Cellulite is one of the most disastrous skin problems you can have. Imagine having lumps on your skin that looks like cottage cheese.

With hundreds of anti-cellulite products that promise to eliminate the ugly dimpling, skin experts believe that mesotherapy is the only effective medical treatment for this skin issue.


Though there are many products that promise to erase cellulite, mesotherapy is considered to be the most effective.

This is because it is supported by scientific studies which discovered a way to treat the underlying conditions which cause cellulite.

You can have the cottage cheese-skin or the orange peel-skin between ages twenty five and thirty five. It worsens in time. When you have more severe forms of cellulite, you will need more mesotherapy sessions.

Different Stages of Cellulite

Stage 0 means not having cellulite at all. Stage 1 means there is no cellulite visible when lying down or standing and only an orange peel appearance upon pinching.

If you have no cellulite visible while lying down and lumps appear when standing then you are at stage 2 of cellulite development. The worst stage is stage 3 when cellulite become visible when you are standing as well as when you are lying down. This last stage is called terminal cellulite.

Why Undergo Mesotherapy Despite the Cost?

Undeniably, mesotherapy may take series of sessions that may hurt your pocket. It is the consequence of erasing the unsightly cellulite off your skin.

Though this is not a serious medical problem, this skin condition can affect your self-esteem, make you experience embarrassment and ridicule and develop an avoidant personality.

Also, trying to cover up these cellulite can be very stressful. You will be wasting your money and efforts in trying the so-called cures for cellulite.

How Mesotherapy Works

mesotherapyMesotherapy eliminates cellulite on your buttocks and legs leaving you with a smoother contour. Significant results may be noticeable after ten to twenty five sessions.

You may find a need for additional treatments when you have a severe case of cellulite (stage 3/terminal cellulite).

However, you can get rid of orange peel-like skin in just ten sessions. There were reported cases of allergies yet they happen rarely.

Is Mesotherapy Safe?

It is safe to undergo this cellulite treatment as long as you have a skin care specialist who is well-trained for such procedure.

For fifty years that this treatment has been used, there is no reported case of death. Compared to more aggressive cellulite treatments like liposuction, mesotherapy is safer by a mile.

In fact, liposuction procedures have caused several deaths and complications.

Choosing a Mesotherapist

Before you go to a mesotherapy clinic and choose your mesotherapist, seek for your doctor’s advice. Let yourself be assessed for contraindications to mesotherapy.

You may have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and heart problems that won’t warrant the use of such treatment for cellulite.

Have a background check before choosing your mesotherapist. You know that in every procedure or treatment there will always be consequences and associated risks. Eliminate cellulite effectively and safely.

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